michael June 13, 2019

While it’s easy to choose your go-to drink in coffee shops, it’s a whole different ball game when you need to prepare a cup for yourself. There’s quite a few things to consider, from which coffee beans to buy up to what coffee machines to use. In this post, we will start with helping you […]

michael June 4, 2019

The raw food diet is becoming more popular as increasing numbers of people are educated about the components and benefits of this lifestyle. There is a lot to learn in some cases but it can be very beneficial. The raw food lifestyle actually promotes healthy weight loss and longevity simply because of the products that […]

michael May 18, 2019

Why might you want to start a raw food lifestyle? There are a lot of possible points in favor of doing that and few valid reasons not to. The usual reason for NOT seriously considering is inertia. At times it is a lack of good information. Sometimes people hesitate because they are afraid of the […]

michael April 1, 2019

5 things to do in Hollywood Fl Florida, geographically positioned between Miami and Fort Lauderdale is a haven of beaches and an ideal place for people who love to spend time on sand and surfing on the waves. But, there is one more thing in Florida- Hollywood! Hollywood, Florida may not be as popular as […]

michael March 20, 2019

Mumbai’s colorful history is told through its diverse food culture. Over the years, the wonderful metropolis has become a melting pot of rich traditional cuisines and impressive flavors, allowing the visitor to trace the regional origins of each ingredient. We explore the 10 best restaurants in Mumbai. The Taj Hotel, Mumbai, India ZIYA The magnificent […]

michael March 4, 2019

Even just in a downturn economy, you might find yourself still eating at restaurants at restaurants as you have virtually no time or energy to prepare well rounded meals in your own home for you and your family. Deciding which restaurant to visit could rely on factors such as cost per meal, kind of food […]