michael May 18, 2019

Why might you want to start a raw food lifestyle? There are a lot of possible points in favor of doing that and few valid reasons not to. The usual reason for NOT seriously considering is inertia. At times it is a lack of good information. Sometimes people hesitate because they are afraid of the unknowns. Sometimes it comes down to not knowing how. Still other times it may be just being unaware of the possibility of doing it or of the potential benefits.

If you get into it a bit, get a little more information, the doubts start to fade away. Maybe we need to look at the reasons that have motivated others to commence a raw food lifestyle.

Reason Number 1,

To get rid of a bloated gut and burning heartburn, you could make a valid point if you point out that it may not only be food choices alone. That may very well be true, however it will stand you in good stead to commence with a simple approach.

Reason number 2,

It will enable you to achieve healthy weight-loss. Plus, achieve relief from uncomfortable bowel movements. And unpleasant stomach pains from incorrect diet

Reason number 3

The need to be conscious of fatty food intake decreases, as less and less animal foods are used.

This will most likely mean that healthy cholesterol levels, weight loss, and bad mood swings can be adjusted safely. Again, you will benefit in many areas of your life, including increased energy levels!

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