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5 things to do in Hollywood Fl

Florida, geographically positioned between Miami and Fort Lauderdale is a haven of beaches and an ideal place for people who love to spend time on sand and surfing on the waves. But, there is one more thing in Florida- Hollywood! Hollywood, Florida may not be as popular as California but one can find plenty of things to do over there.  Here are the five things to do in Hollywood FL:


 Let your artsy side feed on the vibrant culture

The famous Art and Culture Centre of Hollywood is a great place for all the artsy buffs. This place has antique art collections worth millions of dollars. It has a selection of galleries that have rotation exhibits and many stage performances of shows, dance recitals as well as concerts.

Anniversary Park

The downtown area of Hollywood is an amazing place to swing by, and must be in your itinerary. The anniversary park is the most beautiful landscape in the entire city. It is famous for its gorgeous foliage, consisting of the leafy oak and the magnolia trees. The city of Florida is blessed with spectacular bamboo trees and flower gardens. Its rich flora and fauna will keep you engaged and in awe for nature.

Cinema Paradiso

If you are a fan of independent and indigenously made films that are artsy, then you must go to this gem of a place. It is an art house cinema with a range of unusual and low budget films that are directed by talented and budding directors. It is a small theatre with a capacity of only 82 people. A true cinema fan must visit the place.

Arts Park at Young Circle

 If you have your entire family on a vacation to Florida, make sure you do not miss the Arts Park. There are quaint cafes dotted around where one can rest and grab a bite to eat.  There are live demonstrations of glass blowing held throughout the day. If you want to experience a true cinematic world, with all things beautiful and nice, this is the place to go.

Downtown Hollywood Mural Project

 This must be definitely on your ‘places to visit’ list. The Mural Project is made up of many beautiful and colorful murals that cover the public walls. A public art space in downtown Hollywood, a walk around this Mural Project will definitely give you rom-com feels.


This list of things to do in Hollywood, fl will introduce you to Florida in a completely different light.  You will discover the most amazing places in Florida and your senses will be jolted to an era that is completely different. You will not be disappointed with the artsy beauty and the rich cultural flavor of this place takes over your mind forever.

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