Food & Lifestyle

michael June 13, 2019

While it’s easy to choose your go-to drink in coffee shops, it’s a whole different ball game when you need to prepare a cup for yourself. There’s quite a few things to consider, from which coffee beans to buy up to what coffee machines to use. In this post, we will start with helping you […]

michael June 4, 2019

The raw food diet is becoming more popular as increasing numbers of people are educated about the components and benefits of this lifestyle. There is a lot to learn in some cases but it can be very beneficial. The raw food lifestyle actually promotes healthy weight loss and longevity simply because of the products that […]

michael May 18, 2019

Why might you want to start a raw food lifestyle? There are a lot of possible points in favor of doing that and few valid reasons not to. The usual reason for NOT seriously considering is inertia. At times it is a lack of good information. Sometimes people hesitate because they are afraid of the […]

michael February 17, 2019

Looking for the healthiest foods lifestyle, you will get hundreds may be thousands of suggestions from fitness experts and dieticians. But whatever plan they will give you, it will surely be based on one medieval eating habit that has been around for thousands of years. We are talking about Primitive diet or primal, caveman, hunter-gatherer […]

michael December 11, 2018

The word “cooking” includes an array of methods, tools and mixture of ingredients to produce the taste and digestibility of food. Cooking technique, referred to as culinary art, generally necessitates the selection, measurement and mixing of ingredients inside a controlled procedure in order to attain the preferred result. Constraints on success range from the variability […]

michael November 6, 2018

Like everyone else, you must have read a lot of things about veganism. What’s the concept all about? Can you live a happy life without meat and dairy, especially if you have been a non-vegetarian all your life? Here are some quick facts at a glance. Who are vegans? Vegans are against animal produce, and […]